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Our Process

How we do it

Our process

Discover how A+ Basements turns your basement ideas into reality with our streamlined
step-by-step approach.

Initial Design Consultation

Vision exploration, free floor plan, design alignment.

Detailed Plans

Vision crystallization, project details clarification.

Firm Price Proposal

Transparent project cost, financial clarity.

Innovative Project Management

Precise construction, open communication, quality assurance.


Transforming vision into reality, meticulous execution.

Final Walk Through

Client satisfaction focus, thorough inspection, project completion.

1. Initial Design Consultation

At A+ Basements, we kickstart the process with an initial design consultation right at your property. During this meeting, we’ll delve into your basement’s vision and share our expertise on maximizing its potential. We offer a complimentary custom floor plan, eagerly awaiting your feedback for finalizing your design. Once the floor plan gets the green light, we’ll present a base-package proposal as your starting point. You can elevate your project by selecting upgraded options and finishes from our extensive catalog and design studio.

2. Detailed Plans

Moving forward, the next step involves crafting meticulous detailed plans. This phase focuses on crystallizing your vision and ironing out project details. We meticulously review all project documents and contracts, ensuring complete clarity and alignment. Our objective is to establish clear project expectations, with our expert guidance supporting you every step of the way.

3. Firm Price Proposal

Once detailed plans are in place, we’ll furnish you with a firm price proposal. Our aim is to provide full transparency regarding the financial aspect of your basement transformation. You’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the project’s costs as it unfolds.

4. Innovative Project Management

Upon your approval of the proposal, we dive headfirst into the construction phase. Our innovative project management ensures precision throughout. We closely monitor material and labor scheduling, maintain rigorous quality control, and conduct regular inspections. Communication is paramount, with updates and answers to your queries available throughout the construction journey. The Pre-Drywall walk-through keeps you engaged, ensuring everything is in place before moving on to drywall, paint, tile, and other finishing touches.

5. Construction

Now it’s time to bring your vision to life. Our construction team works diligently to make your basement dreams a reality. Our meticulous and organized approach ensures a seamless construction process. From procuring materials to managing labor, we handle all the details to deliver a high-quality result aligned with your vision.

6. Final Walk Through

At A+ Basements, your satisfaction is our foremost priority, and we demonstrate this through our final walk-through. As your project nears completion, we conduct a comprehensive inspection with you. We examine each room, marking areas that need final paint and drywall touch-ups and creating a punch-list for any remaining items or repairs. This phase also serves as an opportunity for our team to familiarize you with the functionality and new features of your transformed basement. Your basement isn’t just beautiful; it’s fully functional and ready for your enjoyment.

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